Trombones vs Tenor Trombones in Endpoint setup

I just realized that creating “trombone” part and “tenor trombone” part sets up two different instruments in the score - even though it appears it’s supposed to be the same instrument.
I was hoping I could use “tenor trombone” only and save it in the endpoint - my assumption is that if for any reason I happen to use the plain “trombone” in the future then it will be connected to the same endpoint entry as this “tenor trombone” - in other words Dorico will indeed treat these two as the same instrument.
Does anyone know if that’s indeed the case, perhaps having tried it before?
Many thanks!

Just in case, the reason I am assuming Dorico is treating “Trombone” and “Tenor Trombone” as the same instrument is this entry in the XML:


But I’m not sure what instrument is considered parent here - the one prior to “alias” or following "alias.

Thanks again.

Trombone is the “parent”, and tenor trombone the “child”.

Thank you @dspreadbury - so I had it backwards. What I need to do is route the plain “trombone” in the playback template. That will ensure that a “tenor trombone” will follow that routing in case I end up picking that in the future for some reason.