Hi everyone,

Working on a new electronic / instrumental tune called “Tronic”. Noisy stuff… :wink:

Linking to my reverbnation website. Hope thats ok. (better soundquality than Soundcloud ? … i think so)

Song # 1

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thx !

Knut :slight_smile:

I really liked this. The drums in particular were a great touch - adding a nice feel to the outlying synths. I remember this was the case of Sunchase as well, for my tastes at least there was a small lack in variety and chord progression. That is probably just me though. It does worry me however: that main bassy synth continues on throughout the entire song… maybe change that up at least once? Other than that, I really enjoyed how it progressed till the crescendo at the end and the mix seemed to be spot-on. Good job overall :wink: