Trouble activating Dorico Pro 2.2 trial version

When I enter my activation code I get an error message that I should try a different eLicencer. Not sure how to do that - downloaded and installed the latest version, but no luck.

I do already own Version 1 and just want to make sure 2.2 will work on my oldish equipment. Does it matter that I received a trial code for Version 2 when that was released? I was under the impression that we could also demo 2.2, but perhaps that is not the case.

Thank you

My experience was that you cannot have multiple trials for version 2.x on the same elicenser.

You normally cannot have more than one trial of the same version of a product on your Soft-eLicenser, but we have generated a new set of activation codes for Dorico 2.2 so that people who have already tried Dorico 2.0 can try 2.2 on the same computer. To check you have an appropriate activation code, the penultimate group of four characters should be 1AEE, not 1963.

No, my code has 1963. I tried changing to 1AEE but that was not accepted.

Thanks for your help.

Well, you can’t just change four characters of an activation code and expect it to work, I’m afraid. Try requesting the trial again: you should find that you’re emailed a new code. Let me know if you don’t get it.