Trouble Activating SL10 Pro

My Spec Layers 9 Pro is working just fine. Bought Spec Layers 10 Pro Upgrade and CANNOT get it activated.
I’m Off-Line, C13Pro, Win10 Pro.

— LepStudio

Doesn’t the Steinberg Activation Manager work?

Yes, it works, but, even though I have run the SL10Pro executable, it does not appear in the Activation Manager…

The Activation Manager shows SL9Pro as activated…

Ok, sorry, over my ability then.
Submit a ticket from the link above.

Thanks Marshall…

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Go into Steinberg Download Assistant and press the “Enter your Download Access Code” button. Copy and paste the code from your SpectraLayers 10 update purchase confirmation.

Go into Steinberg Activation Manager. You should see your SpectraLayers 9 licence has been replaced by a SpectraLayers 10 licence. If this has not happened, press the curly update arrows in the top right of the window.

You should now be able to use SpectraLayers 10.

Thank you David…!

My studio system is Offline…
I think somehow this is adding to the problem… M

Tried again today from scratch… Still will not activate…