Trouble adding China Cymbal 18" to drum kit

Hi - I have Dorico 5.1.32 running on macOS Sonoma 14.1.2. I wanted to add the “China Cymbal 18” " instrument to my Drum set. On the Players portion of Setup, I select “Edit Percussion Kit” for my existing kit. Working on the 5-line staff layout of my kit, I select the “+” sign to add a new instrument. I then select and load “China Cymbal 18” “. I’m not sure if this is a stock instrument definition in Dorico - I don’t see it in Dorico 4. (I didn’t create it). After China Cymbal 18” appears on the staff, every time I click on “Edit Percussion Playing Techniques…”, Dorico immediately crashes. i.e. the whole app window disappears. I’m attaching a diagnostics report.

I haven’t seen this behavior until now. I have been able to add / modify instruments to a drum kit many times without an issue. My workaround for my current issue is to use the default China Cymbal instrument only. But can you see what seems to be the problem? Thanks!

p.s. - I looked at it in Library / Instruments and removed the double quotes (") at the end of the name, in case a special character was the cause of the problem. This did not change the crashing behavior.
Dorico (1.9 MB)

Thanks for uploading your diagnostics. The China Cymbal 18" instrument is not a default instrument, so it’s evidently come from somewhere, even if you didn’t create it. The crash suggests that Dorico is unable to find a notehead set required to show the playing techniques for the instrument. Could you please upload a project in which you’re able to reproduce this crash?

Hi Daniel. Thank you for your help. That cymbal must have come from a .doricolib file I previously imported, I guess. Attached is a small project that should demonstrate the issue.

To reproduce:

  1. Open the project
  2. Go to the Players panel of Setup
  3. Expand the Drum Set and select Edit Percussion Kit
  4. Add the new instrument China Cymbal 18*
  5. As soon as I click on Edit Percussion Playing Techniques… or Edit Noteheads… , Dorico shuts down immediately.

I also see that underneath the Edit Percussion window that an instrument called Cymbale china copy has been added outside the kit.

It this instrument is fishy or corrupted, I won’t use it. But it would be good for me to learn if there is a problem with the instrument definition, as I’m starting to create new instruments myself. For example, in this project I created a Stacked Cymbals instrument.

Thanks again for your help.
Polyphia_Playing God_DoricoSupport.dorico (1.6 MB)

Thanks for providing the project. The data for the China Cymbal 18" instrument in this project is quite broken, and that’s why you’re running into a crash. Dorico’s unable to find any percussion playing techniques defined for the instrument, and that appears to be because some of the internal data for the instrument definition is confused, in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Is it an option for you to define a new China cymbal instrument from scratch using the instrument editor, and ignore the one that’s present in the project library already?

Thanks Daniel. It’s not a problem for me to avoid the flaky instrument. No doubt I made a mis-step somewhere in this project because I have a tendency to push Dorico hard in challenging ways, as some of my past forum posts have noted.

It is probably an excessive amount of caution on my part, but I have started fresh with a new project, a new drum kit definition and manually re-created the percussion map (versus importing an older one). Then I copied and pasted the notes, dynamics and MIDI automation from the original. Everything is behaving well so far. When I fall into a rabbit hole, starting anew with a clean project can be the fastest path to setting things right. I will be more cautious with .doricolib imports and instrument definitions as a lesson learned, and will create temp projects for testing them first.

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