Trouble adding chords via MIDI Keyboard

I place the cursor on a note in the RH of a keyboard part (in the Full Score) and select the chord tool or press SHIFT-Q, which brings up the popover, but playing a chord on my MIDI Kbd has no effect.

The MIDI Kbd is fine when I enter notes, what is the trick to getting it to accept chords?

The same way you enter single notes. It now also works when repitching…

Are you still having problems with this, Derrek? If you can enter notes into the score using your MIDI keyboard, then it should work precisely the same for chord symbols. Typing Shift+Q or clicking the button in the right-hand toolbox should get rid of the caret if it’s showing, open the popover, and then accept MIDI or keyboard input.

The problem has not recurred.
(It was also on a file originally entered in Finale.)

This problem recurred this evening on a file input from XML even after Reset Appearance and saving as a Dorico file. No MIDI Kbd input was possible.

(I realize intermittent problems are the hardest to solve.)

One thing that can cause strange problems occasionally is the USB device that you are connected to. Try connecting your keyboard to another port, or if it’s connected via a hub, try plugging directly into the PC. Also try restarting Dorico if this happens.