Trouble adding dynamic on last note of piece

I am helping to create a book, and in one of the music examples, the composer wrote a note with a fermata and wants it to diminuendo to pp. This is the last measure of this music etude.

I am trying to add it in, and Dorico doesn’t want to show the pp. Is there a way around this?
Jul-27-2017 15-30-57.gif


You might enter those dynamics in different steps. Enter note input mode (caret on), then move it one 8th after the f, input the >, move some 2 or 3 8ths and input the pp. I guess this should work.

Dorico doesn’t want to show the pp because there isn’t a note to attach it to. You can work round that:

  • Create 3 quarter-notes in the last bar, instead of the dotted half note
  • Select the first 2 quarter notes and create the “>p” dynamic. That attaches the “p” to the final quarter-note in the bar.
  • Change the first of the three quarter-notes to a dotted half note.

Thanks Marc!!! I knew someone like you would know a work around.