Trouble Adding New First Measure + Pickup

I’m attempting to insert a new (3/4) first measure into an existing flow (no trouble) in Dorico Pro 4.2, and also to include a one-beat pickup to that first measure. The result: the first “full” measure has just two beats, compensating for the “stolen” beat of the pickup. This happens whether I use the right-side palette or a Shift-M entry of (“3/4,1”).

I’ve tried selecting the entire flow before adding the pickup, thinking it might then steal the beat from the final measure, but I get the same result.

What advice from the community?

Before inserting it, turn on Insert mode (I).

Alternatively, you can click inside that partial measure and use Shift-B, 1q, Enter to add one quarter note and complete the measure.

If you already had another time signature in the next bar, that will be why – Dorico won’t create extra beats before an existing time signature unless Insert mode is active (as Dan described above).

Belated thanks to both of you for your helpful replies, Dan and Lille. I confess, I still had some difficulty, and don’t remember now how I finally got it to work. (I already had 80+ measure of music entered before deciding to add a measure with pick-up at the beginning.)

One more glitch now: the process seems to have left me with extra (unneeded) time signatures in successive measures at the end of the piece. They’re hidden by default, but I can’t delete them, and they break some multi-measure rests. I’ll keep working on it.

Can you delete their signposts?

I should have been clearer:

I only see signposts, not the actual time signatures — both at the beginning and end of the flow. They’re hidden, but apparently cannot be deleted. (They pop right back into existence when I try.)

Final Measures


By deactivating “hide time sig” in the properties panel I was then able to directly delete the extra time sigs in mm. 2 and 89. Progress!

But I cannot delete either the time sig or the signpost in m. 90. Hmm…

Have you tried deleting the barline?

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That did the trick! Thanks, Marc.

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