trouble burning cd using PC win 7 cubase 8

I have tried everything from CD to 16 bit, mp3 ex… I am using the windows media player. can you suggest a software or a procedure I am not doing… It will play on my pc but not on a cd player of any kind.

Are you trying to burn MP3’s to a CD and play them on a CD player? Some/most CD players won’t play MP3’s.

Export them as 16-bit wav files from Cubase and the resulting burn from Media Player will play in the cheapest of CD players.

I tried to do that. I did get 1 mp3 to work. But my main concern is making a audio cd. I tried making the wav file 16 bit and tried to burn a cd using windows media. Never worked. I think it is the software. But I could be wrong. I read that wavelab solves the problem but I am looking for a cheaper way.

16-bit wav files should work just fine burned to disc by Media Player. Are making sure to burn disc for use with a CD/DVD player with Media Player (Make an audio CD-not Make a data CD)?

Keep in mind some CD players won’t even play a CDR…

Also CDR’s can be finicky as well. Especially the cheapies.

I use the windows media player (WMP) to burn/play .mp3 songs created from Cubase all the time. I use CD-R CDs. They play perfectly on the WMP or any other CD player I ever used.

In Cubase my projects (in project setup) are set to record a .wav file at 44.100 kHz / 24 bit. At audio mixdown to .mp3 my setting are 160 kBit / 44.100 kHz.

In WMP make sure you are upgraded to the latest version (Help>Check for Upgrades). When on the “Burn” tab make sure you have the “Audio CD” burn option chosen. It is located in the “Burn Options” (the little button with a green check mark on it located to the right side just under the Sync tab). Also, under the Tools>Options>Burn tab I chose “Apply volume leveling across tracks”.

That’s what works for me… Good luck. :wink:

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Glad it worked out. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

Just a little sidenote, if a cdda won’t play after burning. Try burning ut at the lowest speed possible, then they play in most cd players.