Trouble Configuring Zoom R16 as control surface

I recently purchased a Zoom R16. Nice unit for my needs. I installed the copy of Cubase LE6 that came with it. I can get the unit to function as an audio interface but when I try to enter the settings to use it as a control surface I’m stymied. In the device setup dialog box, the Zoom R16 drivers show up in the VST audio section just fine. I added the Mackie Control to the Device list but when I go to configure it, the Zoom is not listed in the drop-down for midi-in and midi-out, as the documentation says it should be. I’ve searched for answers but haven’t come up with anything yet. Any advice? I have the most current firmware installed on the machine and the drivers installed on my Windows 7, 64 bit machine are current.

You know, this is a shot in the dark, but I had a similar experience with another hardware device not being recognized by the software and, strange to say, it had to do with which device was powered on first! That is, try powering on the software before you power on the zoom. Try it. See what happens.

Thanks, jimsaxman, but I just tried both powering on sequences and it doesn’t make any difference.

That Zoom looks pretty cool, I know others have had issues with it getting it going.

Check this set up, maybe you’re missing a step…

SYNC, I had looked at that video once before buying the Zoom - in fact it was one of the things that made be decide to go ahead and buy it. But, what the heck…watched it again and this time waded through the comments. One guy mentioned he had to restart Cubase a few times (with the R16 plugged in, in audio interface mode) and eventually it would show up in the Mackie control midi in and out dropdown list. Well, not the 1st time, not the 2nd time but on the third time, there it was in the list, just like it’s supposed to be. Made the settings changes. The unit works like it’s supposed to. What an amazing little box for the price.
Thanks for the help!

Yeah, USB devices seem to do weird things like that…in my own experience. I know my Motu MTP AV has done this before. Glad you got it sorted, now you know what to do next time!

Don’t know who might be reading this now, but I have had the same problem - working fine as interface but Zoom not listed under Mackie Control. I’ve only had the Zoom for 6 months or so and Cubase for less and I don’t get enough time to really learn them. When I first got the Cubase I set the Zoom as a controller by just following the manual instructions - no problem. Now, months later when I want to use it seriously I can’t seem to do it. I will try the advice mentioned here (thanks by the way, I’m sure it will do the trick) and post again when I’ve hopefully got it working, as a reassurance for any one else having the same problem.