Trouble importing mixer setting between projects

Hi everybody
I’ve tried to import mixer setting between differents projects but it does not work well.
Sometimes tracks get out of pace , the FX tracks setting are not imported and sometimes tracks get settings from other tracks.
It’s a big waste of time for me and my customers.
I already contacted 3 weeks ago the steinberg tech support but no answers so far :angry:
I just wonder if it’s caused by the automap software (Novation)
Thanks for your help


It’s a tad touchy, I copy mixer settings all the time, copy all and copy selected.

You have to make sure all the channels are exactly the correct type and in the correct place, even then for some reason you have to go back and copy the original channels again as sometimes the file seems to become corrupt.

An improvement in the way copying multiple channels is handled would be a very welcome addition to C6.

But having said all that, it does work if everything is setup exacty.

Thanks for your answers
That what I did but it still does not work correcty.
The automap novation software causes the trouble.
If somebody from Steinberg tech support hears me I’ll be glad