Trouble Importing Projects from SX3

Whenever I try to import a project from SX3 to Cubase Studio 5.5.3, all the audio outputs in the Device Manager are labelled as Inactive, and nothing I do can get them to change status to Active or play any sound, neither VSTi nor audio. (My I/O is an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra.)

It seems like this should be an easy procedure, but it’s not.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

There are no audio inputs and no audiol device manager in Cubase 5.1 here. So I suppose you mean the device setup…?
The in- and outputs there do get active, when they are connected to a hardware device port in VST connections.

Maybe it’s Device Setup, I’ll need to go check. (My DAW is offline.)

What’s weird is: I can open up a project created in Studio 5.5.3, and my ins/outs are Active.

I close that tune, open up one created in SX - Same ins/outs are Inactive… :frowning:

The connections are specific to the project, I guessing the SX projects where done using a different interface?

You may well need to go through the driver/connection setup for the SX projects, once done save the project under a new name.

no expert here but think split has it right, friend of mine and I both went from sx3 to c-5 at sametime.
his i/o went from ardvart to 2channel m-audio. whenever he runs a sx3 project he has to change his setup.
he does’t remember exactly what he does unfortunatly, the gist is output and or input buss have to change
as compared to a C-5 project, he mentioned some thing about 3x or 5x stereo. I can’t ask him to check what
he does exactly as he’s a bit pissed with me at the moment. don’t know if this helped but wish youwell.

I’ve tried opening up SX projects created on 2 different systems; same results every time - Inactive ins/outs.

I’m trying to go through the driver/connection setup for the SX projects - Nothing seems to help, not resetting, not changing drivers. How do I change the connections to Active manually?