Trouble Inputting Accidentals in Score, Drums

Im having trouble inputing Accidentals on drums in the Score Editor. I Unchecked “no Accidentals”.
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You writing timp parts? Glock? Kit doesn’t need them.

im writing for a drum kit. i dont get all the sounds

Can you give us a more detailed description, please?
Are you using a Drum Map on the MIDI track? (and if so, is it one you have edited yourself?)

So. Header says “accidentals” and now it’s “sounds missing”. Starting to look a little troll-like here.
More details or it’s not happening.

Hello, i have a drum map for the midi track. i have connected the track to halion sonic se. when i open score editor, i cant input all the notes. its my own drum map.

Don’t use your own drum map. Default drum maps should work just fine.
I’m also pretty sure that at the top of the main Cubase forum pages there will be a link to other drum maps like Halion.
If you’re new to Cubase or this way of working keep things as simple as you can at first. The default maps and pre-sets have evolved so they should be more logical and helpful than some years ago.