Trouble installing 6.5.5

See image…
…and I have 6.5.4 installed??

Try updating your eLicenser software first, might do the trick.

Hi Arjan P, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t work.

I tried the 6.5.4 installer and I got the same message.?

I also have Cubase 7 installed, could this be the problem.?

Didn´t cause a problem here

No, the license for C7 is also valid for all previous versions. I assume the license does show in the eLicense software? Maybe someone can tell you more when you state your Mac OS version - could be something to do with how software is registered, but I don’t know anything Mac.

Thanks Arjan P for your effort to help !!

I have found the problem, I had changed the name from Cubase 6 to Cubase 6.5 in my application folder, by doing so the installer didn’t find Cubase 6, changing the name back was the solution :blush: :laughing:

I hope in this embarrassing act I will help some people whit the same problem :mrgreen:

Ah, good you got it solved. And something for Steinberg to realize I guess, that people expect the application to be named as it was bought. (I believe the application 6.5 is still ‘Cubase 6’ in the License control center as well)

Hey Manta,

Don’t feel too bad. You weren’t the only one who renamed Cubase app :blush:
Thanks for posting because that fixed my update issues.



Cubase 6.5 shows in the programs list as Cubase 6, indeed.
But in the eLicenser Control Center it shows as Cubase 6.5.

This has changed with Cubase 7 and 7.5 which have their own paths and a separate installation.
In the case of 6.5, it updated / replaced the Cubase 6 installation.