Trouble installing CUBASE Elements 8

I just bought an upgrade of my Cubase Elements 7 to Cubase Elements 8. I use Windows 7. I installed with the activation code, which seemed to work fine.

But when I opened Cubase I only get the top menu list and my usual desktop for the rest of the screen. When I open a song the rest comes along, but it doesn’t seem to work (no sound) and the program can’t find EZ Drummer.

Could it be that I have not unpacked the whole package or is it something else?



This is new window behavior of Cubase. To display Cubase background, double click to the menu bar.

Regarding the sound, it has to be something different. Check your Device Setup, if the correct Audio Device (ASIO Driver) is selected, and also your Output busses in the VST Connections > Outputs.

Welcome to the new gui of CB8. What you describe as seeing your desktop with a CB topbar is normal. The only other view is seeing the top toolbar and a white “ish” screen.

Regardless, you will need to set up and save a template (or a workspace… your choice) with a project window, a mixconsole window, and maybe the transport panel for working a project on a one screen setup. And yes, the mixconsole does not stay on top. Have fun and feel free to add to the many posts complaining about the new gui.

As far as your “no sound” issue… have you checked to ensure your AI driver and the input/output busses are still set correctly.

BTW… you will get used to the new gui. At least, I did.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the replies.

But the VST connections seem to be the same as on my Cubase Elements 7, which works.

When I installed the Cubase Elements 8 I didn’t unpack all the files (it was a mistake), and I have a feeling that everything has not been installed properly. For example the program cannot find EZ Drummer, which I have installed. And I never had problems with that before.

Is there a way to repeat the installing procedure after unpacking everything?



Might be, the EZ Drummer is in the dedicated folder (not in the common one). You have to set Plug-in Manager of Cubase to scan this folder.

Of course, you can uninstall Cubase, and instal it again from scratch.