Trouble Installing Rock & Roll Essentials VSTs - please help!

Hoping someone from Steinberg Support will read this. I have been a Logic Pro user for years, also Studio One 4. Decided to change to Cubase 10. Incredibly expensive, but thought ‘It must be worth it, these guys have been in the game longer than anyone, and they invented the VST protocol’. I also purchased Dorico 2 (which I love the sound of, even with its current limitations - I’m a guitar teacher). I really think Dorico is going to be a great piece of software. Anyway, I went even further and purchased 4 VST sets for Groove Agent:- Blues Essentials, Jazz Essentials, Beat Essentials, Rock & Roll Essentials. Rock & Roll Essentials would not install. Instead I got the message ‘Cannot be opened, eject the disk (.Dmg)’. I then rummaged around the site and located the Sound Sets download page. Under ‘Rock & Roll Essentials’ it says ‘Request Download’. So I clicked that, and was then told ‘Direct support is not available in your country’ (I’m in New Zealand) - find your local supplier in the following list. Our local supplier is MusicWorks. Now, Musicworks is a small chain of music retail shops. They do not have anyone that can help me - I know, because I used to work for a MusicWorks store. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t just email Steinberg for help and get what I’ve already paid for. My purchases from Steinberg in the last week total $2000 NZD (about 1000 Euro). As a new user, I’m at a loss at what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Steve Hubbard

You can reach us at 844-358-4022 Monday through Friday 9 am - 7:30 pm EST. They can take control of your computer, you talk and watch at same time, you can ask the specifics, and they did this for me a couple of times and I’m up and going. It’s worth it and you paid for it! Calling them is first class customer service! No joke.

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