Trouble installing V2.11 of tools for 44

So I got the UR44 set up, installed the tools and driver with the supplied CD, no issues. Updated the USB driver to the latest version, no issues. But when I try to install the latest tools, I get a message about the OS being incompatible. I downloaded it again, same result. Windows 7 64, SP1… the orignal disc (Tools 2.08) is fine, so why would an updated version be any different?

Help! (though it all seems to be working fine anyway).

I did do a search here, but no real matches found. Thx

I have a screenshot of the error now…


You probably need to update the Firmware first to be able to update the tools.

Damn, and here I was thinking I could read… :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: thanks, I see that now. Totally missed it. :open_mouth:

Updated firmware and the new tools went in like a charm. Thanks again.

Close this one now!



I should add, I am really pleased with the sound I am getting. :sunglasses:

Not so fast… I have a second DAW, which I installed the included AI on, and even after the firmware upgrade, I get the same message as above. I will move the UR44 between them when in either of my two locations Win7-64, right up to date with patches and service packs.

Any more ideas?