Trouble loading my ugrade from AI7 to Element 7

First off I checked on the board and didn’t see anything about this. But I recently bought the ur44 interface and the free AI7 download that comes with that. I decided to download it since it was more up to date than my previous version. The first time I opened AI7 I saw in the news portion that I could download an upgrade to element 7 for a decent price so I did that and now I’m having all kinds of issues. First off my Steinberg page is saying I hadn’t activated my AI7 which I previously had, and when I open the program (which now says element 7) it is asking if I would be interested in upgrading from my trial of element 7 to the full version, but my elicenser says that I have already downloaded and have full rights to the element 7. then I try to open one of my projects and its telling me I don’t have rights to several VST’s because I don’t have a valid license for the application. I am not the most computer savvy guy so maybe I messed up somewhere, but now its just getting extremely frustrating because I want to use what I paid for and not a small portion of it. I should also add in that all of the programs I downloaded were 64 bit.