Trouble Loading Rack Instrument Presets


I’m having trouble loading presets that were made for EW Play (v5.04). When I click on the Preset Browser icon, and then Load Preset on the Play instrument (instantiated as a Rack instrument in the VSTi tab), the Preset Browser window opens, but no presets are shown.

So next I tried clicking on the (sole) folder shown in the Location Tree, but nothing happens. The strange part about this is that when I click on Save Preset, a window opens showing all the presets I’m trying to load. I then right-mouse-clicked on one of these and selected Show in Explorer. The Explorer window that opened contains all the presets that I’m trying to load. This seems to have confirmed that all the presets are where they should be (C:\Users{me}\Documents\VST3 Presets\East West\Play), and that Cubase knows where they are.

So my question is, why am I not able to load them? :confused:

I did some more investigating and found the following:

  1. When I save a new preset (one created in C9.5), it is saved to the same folder as where my older presets are stored, suggesting I am using the correct preset folder.
  2. The new preset is visible in the Preset Browser, but the old ones are not even though they’re both in the same folder.
  3. If I rename the new preset with the old preset name, it remains visible in the Preset Browser suggesting the old preset names are not the problem.
  4. The extensions (".vstpreset") of the old presets are identical to that of the new one.
  5. Using a hex editor, I copied (what appears to be) the header (that begins with the characters “VST3…”) of the new preset to the old preset, but the Preset Browser still does not recognize it as a valid VST preset (i.e., it was not visible).
  6. It was only after I copied the entire file contents of the new preset to the old one (leaving the old name and extension) that it became visible in the Preset Browser.

My conclusion is that the file format of VST presets changed some time between 8.5 and 9.5, or at least the code used by the Preset Browser to recognize old VST presets. Can someone from Steinberg please confirm this assertion?