Trouble Logging In

I can not Login to My Steinberg within VST Transit OR VST Connect SE & PRO
I keep getting
“Unknown username or password…”

Both are confirmed correct - No Special Characters
I have also installed and activated the latest VST C Pro

Please… suggestions?

Try using the Id login with Name, Key instead instead of the my steinberg login with name, pass.

Click the little button named: “Id” to get to it

Id Login.png

Thank you - but I tried that as well with the same result from the Performer PC -"PW or UN Unknown.

So I thought maybe we HAD to be logged into MySteinberg with the Host PC first…no?

No. Look at my other posts in this forum for an explanation of the Id login.

btw, this forum is for VST Connect. VST Transit has its own forum, they are not related technically speaking.