trouble opening Dorico

That’s right, that is the new type.

Ok, so it’s confirmed she has the new one. :neutral_face: That must not be the issue then.

Ah, okay, now I understand. Indeed, then we are facing a different issue. I need to get back to the HALion team; will become difficult to trace down.

And please watch out for any pattern, if the error comes back again. Something like “it happens whenever quickly reopening HALion”, just to give an example.
Also, the next time it happens, please create another diagnostics report and attach here. Thanks

We went through our bug database and found an entry with a similarly looking stack trace.
The crash happened under really unusual conditions: Project loaded but sounds were missing, so an alert box pop up but did not make it to front. Then the op closed and loaded another project without HALionSSE. But because still that alert box was open, the HSSE could not get unloaded properly. It was left in an undefined state and therefore crashed.
Could it be that we have here a similar case? A hidden alert box and then the crash when changing the project?

Sounds like that’s probably it! I get that alert box frequently, and I’ve noticed several alerts/errors that didn’t make it to the front. Thanks!

What are the alerts saying? Under normal operation you should hardly get them.

I get a HALion alert most of the time. “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.”

Would you please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

VSTAudioEngine33.0.20.234 64 (640 KB)

Thanks, but I actually wanted to see the whole diagnostics report. On the other hand I found an older one from you, that fully suffices.
So indeed, you are missing most of the sound files that come with Dorico. If you want to get rid of the warning messages, then I propose that you launch the Steinberg Download Assistant, look for Dorico3 and then download and install the “Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer” package.
It’s pretty heavy though, around 9GByte, but after that you won’t get bothered anymore with all thosea alerts and you’ll be running much more stable.

Apparently I had HSSE components installed but not HSSE content. Thanks so much!!