trouble panning in Cubase 7 audio channel

I’m new to this forum. I started with cool edit pro in 2002, then Nuendo, and now Cubase 7.0.5. I’m not a pro engineer, and reading the forum tips hasn’t helped me with this yet. When I pan form left to right I’m hearing changes in tonal character, but getting the same volume in both speakers. In the stereo out I see a slight decrease in corresponding channels. Macbook pro, Lynx aurora. I’d appreciate any help. I’m trying to finish a mix for someone. Robert

Try checking to ensure the mixconsole>functions menu>global meter setting>meter position menu is set to “Post Panner”.

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Thanks, Prock, I’ll try that, but, had a Mac issue, Sierra was installed, so I had to update to C9. I downloaded 10.9GB installer, but get message “no mountable file systems”. I posted this on the C9 site. Have any suggestions?

I’ve seen others fix this by redownloading the installation file and try installing again.

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