Trouble placing notes

Attached is an image showing a bar of notes in 4/4 time. I want to add beamed eighth notes D, E at beat number 3 so that the D note is directly below the G quarter note. Everything I’ve tried either changes the quarter note or doesn’t result in eighth notes where I want them. I appreciate any help you can provide to solve my problem.


  1. Select the G and press enter to invoque the Caret
  2. From the write menu (shortcut shift+V) create a new voice
  3. Enter the notes you want
  4. If you do not want to see the rest in the new voice, just select them and from the edit menu choose “Remove rests”

rafaelv’s advice is spot on. But I just wanted to mention that technically you don’t have to select each rest. You can also just select the measure by clicking on the staff and then “Remove Rests”.