Trouble receiving trial email

I’m not receiving the email for starting the Dorico 30 day trial. I’ve received a newsletter email and obviously I’ve been able to register my account.

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I’m sorry you’ve not received your email. Please accept my apologies for asking a stupid question, but have you checked your spam/junk folder? More aggressive spam filters can sometimes end up marking the trial email as spam (it happened with my email provider, for example, Fastmail).

It wasn’t in the junk folder either.

If it so happens that you already own a full Dorico license, your request for a trial will be ignored. I got a trial for my laptop by asking support for it…

I don’t have a license for Dorico or any other Steinberg product.

Please check your private message inbox: last night I sent you a trial activation code and a link to the Steinberg Download Assistant so that you can get started. Let me know if you’re still having problems getting the trial downloaded and installed.

I have the same issue Daniel but for Halion 6 … please help and send me the trial activation code my way

Unfortunately I don’t have any trial codes for HALion 6, but please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll pass your email on to somebody who can help.

Hi everyone,

Since this becoming a magnet for people asking for HALion 6 Trial licenses (which I will not approve anymore) please note, this is the Dorico Forum and not the right place to ask for HALion 6 trial licenses.
If you don’t receive your HALion 6 trial license, please get in contact with Support via your MySteinberg account.


HI I have the same problem, I put my email adress several times on the dorico pro trial page and didn’t get the email. I also checked in the junk mails

Same here.

Exactly the same problem. Have contacted Steinberg without response, wanted to trial Cubase before choosing which one to purchase. Looks like Pro Logic is going to win again.

Please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de if you have attempted to get but not received a Dorico Pro 2.2 trial code, and I’ll take care of it. (I’m afraid I don’t have any Cubase Pro 10 trials to hand.)

Dear Daniel, the same problem. I’m long time user of Cubase Pro, I’d like to extend portfolio in HAlion 6 and Groove Agent in current sale period. But unable to try cause cannot get trial codes. I tried different email addres, but no result. Should you help me?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, petasu. Please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll pass you on to one of my colleagues who can help you.


Just bringing this thread back to life as I’m also not receiving this email, nor is it in my Junk folder. I will send an email to support, but it seems this issue is still unresolved.

Welcome to the forum, Alex. What product are you looking for a trial of?


Just adding on to this to say that this issue is still happening. As excited as I am about trying Dorico, it does not bode well for Steinberg that this issue remains after four years. I’m trying to download a free trial of Dorico Pro 3.5 and, despite several attempts, I’ve received no email from Steinberg in my inbox (nor in my spam folder, my social folder, my promotions folder, etc.). Is there a solution for this, and is there a way I can access that free trial?

Welcome to the forum, Harrison, and I’m sorry you’ve not received the necessary email. I’ll send you a message to your private inbox here to help you get up and running.

My name is Paco Viciana, a catalan composer and I have bought the last 2018 Dorico 1.2, and I think than now is the moment to make a look in profound the new Dorico Pro 3.5. This time I would like first to use your service for use a free 30 days demo from Dorico 3.5 to see all the possibilities, but when I choice for recieve a license in the Steinberg website I didn’t recieve any e-mail in my mac, I have looking in the spam folder of course, but nothing. Can you help me about it? Thanks.