Trouble recording using Scarlett 18i8

Hi, can anyone shed some light on a problem? I am a complete beginner in music recording, but even my more knowledgable housemates are stuck on this one.

I have just bought the scarlett 18i8 to use on Cubase elements 8. I am using a mac, El Capitan.

Everything is registered and set up.

I connected up two condenser mic’s into input 1 and 2, but there is no sound coming out of my headphones. When I go into the cubase ‘Device Set Up’ and select my VST input and output as Scarlett 18i8 there is still no sound. I can see from the signal bar on the computer there is sound coming in, but there is nothing coming out of the headphones.

I have selected Scarlett 18i8 on the Mac sound systems preference.

When I click on VST settings its says that the inputs are activates but the output is deactivated. Is this something that can be resolved on Cubase, or is it a problem on the Mac computer? And then how can I activate (resolve) it?

Can I please ask whoever is great enough to take the time to respond to my query to break this down as simply as possible for me, as I am not that familiar with all the lingo, system names and devises.

Thank you so much


got the Scarlett2i2 and it works with Cubase, but i ain´t got a Mac. did you turned phantom power on and the gain/volume-knob of the related channel to the full right(100%)?

Hello folks,

I had kinda the same issue. Focusrite support answered the following:

"Cubase 7.5 is NOT supported/fully compatible with El Capitan - you need Cubase 8.0.30 or later. A temporary workaround which we have seen to get results is to go to Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup then click the ‘+’ button in the lower left corner of the screen. Create an aggregate device, then select the tickbox next to your Scarlett (and no other devices).

Now, in Cubase, go to Devices > Device Setup and select this aggregate device instead of the 6i6 - this should now produce audio.

Please be advised that this is an untested workaround that isn’t supported either by Focusrite or Steinberg - the best way to ensure compatibility is to either update to Cubase 8, or to roll back to a supported operating system if you wish to continue to use Cubase 7.5."

I havent tested it so I dunno if it actually works. But I hope this helps any folks outthere with the same issue.