Trouble reinstalling cubase 7

Hey guys,

Recently I had to wipe my laptop - bummer. As a result, I need to reinstall everything, cubase included. I cant remember if i had to download cubase, or if i had a disc. Needless to say, in my disc box all I have are a bunch of trial versions of things like Halion symphonic orchestra, Halion Sonic, and The Grand SE, the Halion Sonic SE content disc, and the ‘Additional Trial versions’ Disc - but no specific discs relating to installing Cubase.

I still have all my licenses though. Is it possible to Download a trial version of Cubase 7 and then use my licenses to activate it?

Cheers guys.

Your software download should be available in your MySteinberg account. Check this information…

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks dude.

I’ve checked the link and can’t seem to find where I can download the cubase 7 installer. Any ideas?


Yes… if your software was registered, you would go into your MySteinberg account. Near the top, click on the “My Products” section and your software should be listed in the “Software” tab. Change to the “Downloads” tab and the download should be there.

If not, you probably have to submit a support ticket to Steinberg to explains your situation and that you need a link to download your software.

Regards :sunglasses:

Ah, there’s only a software tab, and an elicenser tab. There’s no downloads tab unfortunately. I guess it’s time to submit a support ticket. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: