Trouble reinstalling eLicenser on Mojave (10.14)

Hi there,
I wanted to install Cubase 11, but there was a message coming up saying that the license was already in use. After running the elicenser-mantaining tasks a couple of times, turning the mac on and off, using the dongle on different USB-Ports, etc., I decided to uninstall/reinstall the eLicenser. The problem now is that I can’t reinstall the newest eLicenser-version on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 for some reason. When I clic the .dmg, it starts to do something, but it stops and nothing else happens. When I then clic on the .dmg again, the message says that there is an instance already running. But there is nothing really, at least I cant see anything… Does somebody know about this problem?
Btw, I downloaded the latest eLc-version from the Steinberg support website, so it should be ok? I also tried to install the eLicenser-version for 10.8 (I’m 10.14) and it works! At least I could install it. But Cubase still didn’t work and it is an old eLC-version, so it makes no sense.
Please tell me if you have more ideas…

Thank you!

I believe the eLicenser team are currently investigating a problem whereby the latest version can’t be installed on Mojave. Sorry for the inconvenience! You could try the previous version provided for download on the same page (for support purposes) in the meantime.