Trouble removing UR28M Driver (OSX Mojave)


I have trouble removing the driver from my UR28M, I used the uninstall app and also tried to delete the driver manualy (in library/preferences and extensions also in audio plugins HAL)
The driver always shows when turning on the unit. (in System Preferences - Sound)
When I install the driver again, I get 2 Steinberg UR28M showing up, and only one works.
This would not be a problem if Cubase didn’t confuse this 2, I’m not able to play sound with Cubase. :confused:

Help please.

Found it :wink:

Removing this file: user/library/preferences/
The file automatic renewed after startup.

Got a new problem now though:
After installing new Drivers the UR28M shows up and I can select everything and adjust, but it doesn’t play?

All working now! :smiley:

I have purged the kext cache and after restarting the UR28M I got sound!

this is the command for the purge in terminal: sudo kextcache -i /