Trouble saving rhythmic feels, custom instruments and key commands!

Hello there,

I am experiencing trouble saving rhythmic feels, custom instruments and key commands.

I’ve had this problem (except for the new custom instruments of course) since Dorico Pro 3.5 up to the latest and Wonderfull Dorico Pro 5, I am on a Mac Pro 2019. Since I have decided to use Dorico as my main composition platform, I need to fix this problem.

Of course I have been using the “white star” to tell Dorico my intention to save those rhythmic feels and custom instruments in my default config… but to no avail, when I start a new empty project, those elements are nowhere to be found.

As for my custom key commands, some work some work until I quit and then never again, it is very erratic and a tad frustrating. Using Macros and Script isn’t working either, it seems like somehow my Preferences are being crushed every time I launch Dorico.

I would tend to believe that this is not a Dorico bug but rather a personal config issue, and I would greatly appreciate any kind of help.

Good day to all


By “rhythmic feel” are we talking about various levels of Swing?

Exactly !!

Emmanuel, could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting file here so I can get a look at your user data?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your interest, here is the Diagnostic Report :
Dorico (964.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing your diagnostics, Emmanuel. Your keycommands_fr.json file contains plenty of custom key commands, and everything looks OK there. However, your userlibrary.xml file doesn’t contain any saved rhythmic feels. I tested this out for myself and was able to define a new rhythmic feel that was added to my user library, and when I started a new project, sure enough it was shown as expected. I suggest you have another go at saving your rhythmic feel: once you’ve walked through the process again, if you start a new project and your new rhythmic feel isn’t there, please create another set of diagnostics and upload them again.

Hi Daniel,

My newly created custom rhythmic feel now appears in a new empty project… as well as a newly created custom instruments FANTASTIC… I guess it must boil down to a misconception of the white star status on my side, for which I really apologies.

More attempts to have “create grace note” responding to custom command 'Num," is still failing. As for “create tuplet” when I assign it to “Num /” it works until I quit Dorico, but when I reopen Dorico both functions revert back to their default key commands. I must precise here that I have deleted all existing key commands for those functions prior to creating custom ones.

Thank you so much for your time and patience !

Can you send me a fresh set of diagnostics so I can see what is now saved in your key commands file?

Here it is :
Dorico (1.1 MB)

The shortcut you’ve got in your key commands file for “stop tuplet” is the Unicode code point U+F739, which doesn’t make any sense to me: how did you set that shortcut?

I am on a French Apple keyboard with num pad and I have used leftmost key of the second row from the top of the num pad

. “=” is for chord which works great, “*” is for dotted notes and works great too
“+ an -” are set to change the curet resolution.

If I could get “,” to get grace notes , “/” to start a tuplet and maybe “0” to stop tuplet I would be all in numpad heaven with great ergonomy !!