Trouble Selecting Items

This is just something I’ve lived with for a while, but does anyone else seem to have a fair amount of difficulty selecting the desired item in their score? Here’s a video of me trying and failing several things.

I agree that some of these things are more awkward than they should be, but there aren’t easy solutions to these problems.

As you’ve experienced, there’s a zone of around a space in height above and below each staff that Dorico treats as being part of that staff, so when you try to make a marquee selection starting below an item on the upper staff but within a space or so of the lower staff, you’ll end up making a selection in the lower staff when you click, effectively cancelling out the marquee.

You also showed in one of your attempts what happens when you drag across the stem of a note: if you select a stem, you’ll select all the noteheads on the stem. This is of course useful in many circumstances, but it happens to not be what you want here.

When you zoom out, Dorico pads the click areas for items a little, to try to make it easier to select them, rather than harder, but when you have notes closely stacked in chords, this ends up being counterproductive. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no easy way for us to work out whether or not a click area should be padded taking into account the positions of nearby notes, though perhaps this is something we’ll have to work on in future.

One suggestion that might be worth you exploring: making marquee selections in the Key Editor shown in the lower zone can provide a way around some of these problems, as click areas are not padded, there are no stems, and there are no click areas for staves. You might give it a try and see what you think.

Hi @Peter_Romero I add two suggestions to the ones Daniel wrote:

1- in galley view you can set the distance of the staves to bigger values in the Layout Options, for the desired layout, so you have more space for selecting notes with ledger lines (this does not affect the page view):

2- And, to overcome the padding of the click area of nearby objects, there is a neat shortcut to select only one item at a time (for example notes of a chord when zoomed out or text items that are near one another):

shift+alt(option) and click on the desired place once, Dorico will select only one item, if this is not the desired one click once more (always with the shortcut pressed) and the next nearby item will be selected, and so on in a circular manner. Soon you have your selection.

2a-in a chord if it happens that you selected the wrong note, (as alternative of using the above mentioned shortcut and re-click), you can move the selection with the up or down arrow keys.

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I’ve always found that zooming in a certain amount (by experience so that it’s a little more than that which I input things) helps to be able to “target” exactly what I want. (For example, I use the shortcut z z z to get in 3x closer, then x x x to get back where I started - it’s pretty quick and painless). Trying to have discriminating selections in dense areas while zoomed out is not an ideal way to work. Rather than drawing boxes around more than one item, I have found it easier to click the first item, then cmd-click additional items. As Daniel points out, avoid clicking on stems if you don’t want all notes of the stem selected. Selecting by means of encompassing items within a box has always seemed a little “fiddly” in Dorico, at least for me. Zooming in close has also helped me with getting the correct frame selected when frames abut each other or overlap.