Trouble setting up Mediabay

Hi guys,

This is probably my own stupidity, but I seem not to be able to import the same format of my media bay in elements 10.
I’ve made screenshots to show what I mean.

Elements 10

You can see folders that are in my specific folder are shown, and other folders within that folders are arranged nicely and alphabetically.
For example, when files are in D:\Samples, they are shown outside those maps, when they are in D:\Samples\Vocals, the ‘Vocals’ folder is displayed and files in it are sorted accordingly.

Elements 10.5

Here, all files that would be in the D:\Samples are just shown, no folders are shown. All is just in there like it’s one big folder.
Obviously, this makes it very very hard for me to keep my sounds organized. I’ve searched everywhere for settings to change this, but with no luck so far. Also, the big bar with the filters can’t be removed? It’s annoying me as well but it’s something I could learn to ignore.

Hopefully, I’ve made myself clear. If not, let me know and I’ll try to explain further.


Is “Include Folders and Subfolders” enabled or disabled in both cases?