Trouble setting up!

I’m very new to all this but I have purchased the UR22mkII recording pack and have been having difficulty setting up on my iMac iOS Sierra:

  1. Installed USB driver via CD rom in pack v1.9.7 and then uninstalled as there was an updated version I downloaded and installed from web v1.9.10
  2. Installed e-licenser control Centre version which is the latest one from Nov 14th 2017 and downloaded a soft licenser which has teh CUBASE A1 9.5 listed
  3. I connected the main Audio interface via USB to my computer and that appeared to be the final step in activating the driver
  4. Managed to set up a Steinberg account which shows that I have registered my hardware and activated that and also registered and activated CUBASE AI 9.5

My issue is that I’'ve dowloaded Steinberg Assistant but every time I open it up it just disappears and I can’t open the CUBASE AI or know where that is supposed to be saved.

Please Help as this is sooo frustrating and I’ve called twice to the distributor for support in Melbourne today to no avail. IS there something I’m really missing??