TROUBLE - some plugins appear in a small window

Macbook Pro 16 gb, Cubase Artist 8! Please help me guys - my plugins (which are maybe older than others) appear in a small pop up window rather than in a normal window. What may cause this problem? Thanks a lot

This is what happens to 32bit plugs in 64bit Cubase (on mac).

If there are 64bit versions of those plugs available you should be using those.

Thank u! Do those 32bit plugins still work right or I MUST avoid using them?

To ensure the most stable and best performing DAW use only 32bit.

But if you can’t live without them see how it goes.

I’m not a mac user so not certain but I believe I’ve read that you can click through that for the full editor but that it isn’t possible to have multiple 32bit editors open at the same time.

Another workaround is to run your 32bit plugs in Jbridge.