Trouble upgrading BOTH Dorico for iPad, and Dorico 4 to Dorico 4.1 (for Mac)

When I update Dorico for iPad I get the “Unlock all premium features for life” screen. The one-time payment is listed as 119.99 (Euros?), though I’m in the U.S. (first thing you should change so we don’t have to convert). More importantly, when I click on the red 119.99 Euro button - nothing happens - the only option is to “Skip for now” (so you might be missing out on many “impulse buys”).

As for Dorico 4 for Mac: I downloaded the 4.1 update and installed it. When I open Dorico I get a message saying “Launching Steinberg Activation Manager” (which it doesn’t) and to then “follow the prompts”. When I launch it manually, it lists my existing Dorico Pro 4 purchase where it says “Activated”, with the option to “Deactivate” (with no other prompts to do anything). There are no products that are NOT activated. However, if I close this and try re-opening Dorico, it gives me the same message to launch the Activation Manager again (in an endless circle, etc.).

I’m presuming I may be able to figure out some workarounds (I will try re-starting my computer) but just wanted to alert you that the upgrade procedure in it’s present form appears pretty rough and might be a deterrent to getting people to upgrade in a hurry (especially the lifetime iPad option which I’m guessing many might opt for).

I should add: I’m on a 2019 Macbook Pro running the latest version of Monterey; and my iPad is an M1 iPad Pro running the latest 15.5.

[UPDATE]: I tried re-starting my Mac and also re-installing the Steinberg Activation Center. Now I see an exclamation mark to the upper right and the option to “Sign In”. However, if I click there I get a message saying: “Signing in with a Steinberg ID will discard all offline licenses from this computer. Do you wish to proceed?” If I choose “cancel” and try opening Dorico 4 again while the Activation Center is open, Dorico repeatedly crashes upon loading before it opens. Frustrating as I have a 24 hour deadline which requires Dorico so I welcome any help in getting it working.

[UPDATE]: Ran Steinberg Download Assistant and re-downloaded Dorico (still didn’t work); ran Onyx and re-started - Dorico 4.1 finally opened. Still can’t figure out how to pay you for Dorico for iPad Perpetual License however (sorry for the long play-by-play).

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Thanks for sharing your experience. The problem with the Lifetime Unlock option in the iPad is a problem on the App Store side: we’re waiting to hear back from Apple about it. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

It sounds like the problem you have had with starting Dorico on your Mac is related to a problem a few Mac users have had, which you can read about e.g. in this thread:

Just to verify:
If one bought a full-year subscription to Dorico For iPad the day it premiered, that subscription lasts until 28 July 2022, which gives those people some flexibility when to upgrade to Lifetime if they wish.


Also: it would be nice for those of us who jumped on the year-long subscription right away to get a credit if we now do the lifetime (since waiting until the year-long subscription expires and then doing lifetime will still be the cost of lifetime plus the cost of the entire first year).

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Then again, everyone’s in about the same boat since if you did monthly until now you might have paid about the same before doing lifetime as a year subscription if you switch now…(so maybe “never mind” :-))…

This same issue came up before in the wake of the Summer 2021 Sale w/ free upgrade to Dorico 4.o and I disagree now as I did then. We bought Dorico for iPad “as is” and should be willing to pay for a Lifetime extension (if that is what we want) at cost if only to subsidize further software development.

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I’m with you - that’s I suppose why I jumped on the year-long in the first place (definitely want to support).