Trouble when importing sf2

Hi all,

I’m having issues when importing sf2 files into HALion 4.5.3. The programs and samples seem to import fine, but there is one issue.
All the programs will have their samples sustaining to the end of the sample (like a one-shot). So when I import, for instance say, a flute program and try to play a line, all the notes will have their samples playing to the end, like I’m holding the sustain pedal.

I can’t find anywhere in the interface where I could correct this. Is this a known problem with sf2 import? Is there any way to fix this?

Sometimes importing other formats does have this effect, I have noticed it too and it really is random. Sometimes I import stuff spot on, then others just exhibit odd parameter settings like you are noticing. I have not found a way to correct this during the import, it seems to be all or nothing with how Halion is reading the data from within the template. You can however adjust these ‘misplaced’ parameters to your liking through taking the time to manually edit through the ‘sample’ tab. This is where you set the start and end points, set up loops, adjust the release node etc. For all other parameters that may be odd, such as volume, panning, filters etc, these can be fixed in the ‘zone’ tab. I apologize if I am being redundant in telling you things you already know, but I am unaware of your technical level of expertise when it comes to Halion, so figured better safe than sorry and tell you more, instead of less. You may get something out of it after all.

Good luck none the less. Halion 4 isn’t perfect I know, but it is very, very good in its own right. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and it is the single most used piece of software in my studio next to Cubase 7 itself. It really is worth the time to get it mastered and figured out. I hope current short comings will be rectified in future updates with either revisions to current implementations and even new implementations for features that aren’t currently available from within the program.

Thanks for the reply Cantankerous! I’m indeed just starting out using HALion.

So it seems the release values get messed up. And I need to edit these in the “Sample” tab, you say. I’ll have to take a look there and dive in.
I wonder if converting the sf2 files to some other format using, for example, Sample Robot and then importing that new format into HALion would work better. What is the best supported “foreign” format (sfz, gig, etc.) in your experience?

Hi there, I am glad I could be of help. Correct, it seems the release value, or the sample end node is messed up in placement.

The sample end node can be adjusted in the ‘sample’ tab. You can see its current placement in orange colouring and drag and place where you like, same with the start node. The release node will be in blue, but that isn’t the same as the release phase of the envelope, so please don’t confuse the two. The release phase of the envelope is how the sound will shape and play out once you release the key, initiating a note off command. The blue release node in the sample tab is something entirely different, yet really cool too. You can place this anywhere within your sample and when you release the key being pressed, the playback will instantly jump to this part of the sample and finish playing from there. You can really get creative this way.

The release phase of the envelope can be adjusted in the ‘zone’ tab, along with attack, decay, sustain etc and a slew of other options you will notice such as volume, panning, tuning, filters, the modulation parameters etc.

As for which foreign file format works best? I apologize, but I cannot help you there. I have been a Halion user since its release in 2001, so have only used its format over the years. I have been able to successfully import those, or just straight WAV/AIFF without issue. If I happen to run across foreign formats in bulk that I don’t want to manually edit one by one, I use Chicken systems translator to convert them to Halion format and it seems to work better. I have no clue what Sample Robot is, but if it can convert various formats between each other you may get lucky and try that. It is work at the beginning, but once you are all set up with your samples tagged and categorized in the Media Bay you will be rolling from there on out. I spent many, many months getting my samples how I like them and it was sooo worth the effort in the end.