Trouble with a few things


I’m having trouble with several things in cubasis, gonna make a simple list, but first I write down my equipment.

IPAD Air/pro, cant remember. Not latest but not oldest.
Lightning -> usb kit.
Yamaha MG12xu mixerboard
Latest version of Cubasis 2


  1. The mixerboard have 12 physical channels, and Cubasis supports a hefty number of physical imputs. But when I choose channel in Cubasis I cant switch a new channel. Everything records on input one even if I make new tracks. Input 2-24 is greyed out. That limits me to record one intrument at each time, and leads to next problem.

  2. Everytime I record on a new ALL the audio from ALL other tracks are being recorded on this new track, just because I cant choose a new physical input. The only way to prevent this is muting other tracks, but then I cant playng along the previous recorded audio, so that makes several tracks pretty stupid.

  3. When I have for example a guitar and a keyboard connected to my Yamaha mg12xu, everything records at all tracks.

    How I want it to be:

Being able to multitrack and multirecord, for instance; if I play guitar on channel 1 on my mixerboard, and a friend plays keyboard on channel 2, then I should be able to record in Cubasis with guitar on track 1 and keyboard on track 2.

IF thats not possible, then I want it to be like this:

Being able to record one instrument at a time, and route them to different tracks in Cubasis.

Hi slimtheweasel,

Yamaha’s MG12XU is capable to handle 2in/2out signal via USB, so this is intended behaviour:

How to split the available inputs to two mono inputs:

  • Open the “Routing” tab for the selected audio track
  • Choose “Mono input”
  • Select “1” or “2” from within the Mono Inputs popup

Hope that helps.


ive already tried that, still having problems. But im changing to a Steinberg UR242 instead, so I hope that works better :slight_smile:

Hi slimtheweasel,

Thanks for the update.
Splitting the mono inputs should work as explained above (gave it a short check ourselves with the MG10XU this morning).

If you have plans to change to the UR series, this link should be helpful in choosing the best device matching to your requirements: