Trouble with a simple snare drum percussion map, no sound


I’m not sure what I’m missing, but I get no sound.

I’m trying to use the Kontakt 5 library’s orchestral snare drum play in Dorico 2.2 (MacOS 10.14.3).

SETUP>Add Solo Player> I choose “snare drum.”

PLAY>Add VST Instrument. Load “Kontakt 5 16out”. Select “Snare Drums” from Kontakt Factory Library. Sound is coming out on the virtual keyboard when I click the keys. C1 gives me the natural snare sound. [NOTE: melodic instruments load and play back correctly]

Play Menu>Percussion Maps. I create a percussion map entitled “Kontakt Snare.” At MIDI note 24 (C1), I name it “Snare Natural.” I choose “Snare Drum” from the instrument list. I leave the key switch blank. I select “Natural” under Techniques.

PLAY>Under the VST instrument list, I click the cog and assign newly created “Kontakt Snare” to the Percussion map list. I check that the Snare Drum on the left side is connected to the correct VST instrument.

WRITE>When I put in a snare drum note on the single line, there is no sound.

SETUP>Just checking, I click “Edit Percussion Playing Techniques” and the regular note is “Natural.”

PLAY>Play menu>percussion maps. I change the setting to Single Instrument. No change.

I have no idea what I’m missing. If anyone has any steps I have missed, let me know. I’m at my wit’s end just to get a snare drum sound.

Thanks in advance.

Okay, I figured it out. The MIDI note numbers in Kontakt (or Dorico?) is considering C-2 at MIDI note 0. Moving the snare to MIDI Note 36 got the correct playback.

I find it useful to have this to hand :