Trouble with amp sims and plugins

I can’t seem to get any audio to play out other than clean. I’m trying to set up to record metal guitars. I can hear the hum of a distorted guitar but yet it comes out clean. I’m gonna walk through how I’m setting it up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I start a new project, add an audio track, go to the inserts and place in the plugins of a 808, lePou amp, and lecab2. At this point the sound is still clean. Everything I have seen shows at this point a crappy sound when they audition their guitars. All the plugins are on as well. I then load the .wav file into the lecab2 to get hopefully something, to no avail.

The monitor buttons are pressed, I’ve set up the device to my interface as well as the vst connections. The thing is if I use one of the amp sims that came with Cubase I hear distorted guitar just fine. Under the load presets that is.

I’m using Cubase artist 7.5, and a Focusrite 6i6.

Please for the love of music help me. I’m about to start moshing on my pillows :frowning:

Sounds like you have direct monitoring turned on?

I’ve managed to get it kind of working. I have to have the track as stereo and set the cabs and pedal to the same. If I try and make the track mono when I create it then I get nothing but the hum.

In vst connections you need to make sure you have a mono input created and assigned to the guitar input…then in the track routing assign this as the input to your mono channel and it should work.