Trouble with Automation with Virus TI

I’m trying to use effects and plug-ins on the channels from my Virus TI (which only has 16 sound slots and I’ve used 11 and I’m only half done with the song). The only area I see to add Virus plug-ins and effects is the main Virus TI under VST Instruments, which controls all the Virus TI channels. I tried saving the individual sound sections to a .wav file to edit them through a .wav VSTi but the virus won’t allow saving it as a .wav file. Do/can I save them as an .mp3 and add the effects and plug-ins that way? (Asking ‘can’ because I don’t currently own a license to save .mp3s). Or is there some other way around this?

As always, any help will be greatly appreciated.


You should be able to automate each channel of the Virus by sending seperate channels out from Cubase and automating each channels properties from its track in cubase. Just make sure your midi sections are correctly routed from Cubase.

If you are teying to use Cubase’ effects, you need to go to the setup page of your Virus in the Virus control plug and setup 3 stereo outs. Then create 3 stereo audio tracks in Cubase and use your routing section to bring each stereo pair to its own track in Cubase. The virus limits your audio outs to 3 stereo, no matter how many parts are loaded into the plug.

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I’ve been trying to export the sections with the audio inserts and then just import them afterwards but the effects don’t sound the same. I’m not sure how to get the different channeled tracks to use different inserts, they all always use the ones loaded on my Virus TI VST instrument