Trouble with C10, try re-installing everything Cubase related.

I had tons of problems when I upgraded to C10. Missing content, constant crashing, some VST’s not showing up properly and you name it.
So here is what I did:

My upgrade path was C7->C7.5->C8->C9.5-C10 I just had so much problems with missing content etc. i realized it’s best to do everything from clean and just leave C10 on my computer.

  1. Uninstall everything using cubase uninstallers
  2. Run CCleaner and clean registry
  3. Check if any folders are left behind @


  1. Delete folders named “Steinberg” from these two locations. Make sure to back up some setting files if needed! But do not copy content location files.

  2. Also remove steinberg folders from any other install location place. Just make sure not to delete accidentaly any 3rd party plug-ins at the time so you don’t have to re-install them.

  3. Run CCleaner one more time to be sure

  4. Re-Start computer

  5. Download installation files and install everything you need. In my case C10, Halion 6, and Ultimate VST1+ and some steinberg expansion packs for Padshop Pro

  6. Install Everything, C10 first. Then VST plugins starting from the OLDEST to the newest. In my case, I installed Halion 6 in the end.
    9.1. MAKE SURE when installing you tick the box “Install for all users” if you have that tick box in your installer. As there are differences in earlier cubase installers. C10 automatically installs content for ALL USERS. There is no tick box available anymore.

  7. Launch C10 and hope everything goes allright.

This was my cure for problems. Now everything work fine, even better than in 9.5 and even got a performance boost. Sure, there is lots to do. it took me almost 6 hours, most of the time went downloading files. But I am now glad I did it.



Thank you for the info.

I think the installer must be written by people who write the code for the core engine, i.e. advanced programmers. A basic task like installing/updating should not fail. In my case, Halion Sonic lost its contents somehow and I didn’t move anything.

That happened to me too, and most likely the cause is because C10 installs content automatically for all users, as in earlier version you had ability to choose between single user or all users. The installation path is different. That’s why I had to get rid of everything. And now my C10 is working flawlessly. The clean install really worked for me.

But yes, I agree. Upgrading a software should not cause problems like many people have encountered. Only solution I can give is to re-install EVERYTHING. It will take some time, but I am glad I did it. I have not had single crash, or other issues with C10 so far. Of course I have not tried everything, but so far, performance is even better than in C9.5 and more stable.


HALion removed the Single User installation option some time ago already. In Cubase the Single user installation option has been removed since Cubase 10.

So it means the content is not installed to the Users/AppData/Roaming/Content anymore. All content is installed to the C:/ProgramData/Steinberg/Content folder per default. You can change the location before or after the installation by using Steinberg Library Manager.