Trouble with Converting MIDI to Audio

Hey guys, I have a problem with MIDI and transferring it to audio. I have a MIDI track routed to my Korg M50 (both the inputs and outputs are connected to their proper places in both the keyboard and the US-1800 interface). The MIDI track is routed to a MIDI In and MIDI Out (renamed from US-1800 MIDI), and the audio track is stereo in and stereo out. The MIDI track gets a signal, I get playback, and the MIDI track can be recorded. But I cannot get any MIDI signal on the audio track. Ask me for more info if needed. I need this solved as soon as possible, I’m running behind on a portfolio for college. PLEASE HELP ME!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

No, you can´t you can only get Audio signal on an audio track. Therefore you need the proper physical connections, proper bus setup as explained in the manual, proper track input as explained in the manual, and input monitoring enabled (as explained in the manual)

I am looking in the operation manual, but I’m having a hard time getting the information I need from it. Would you mind explaining the bus configuration between the MIDI and audio track?

Do you have audio cables connecting the outputs from the Korg to the inputs on the Tascam and an audio track with those inputs as it’s inputs?

I have audio cables going into the tascam from the korg into the balanced line in 11 and 12 inputs. An audio track is assigned to the stereo input with these 11/12 inputs As I said, MIDI inputs/outputs are connected accordingly. I do not know how to connect the monitor speakers, I have them in the monitor outputs right now.

Are you able to record anything at all onto an audio track? For example, if you use a microphone or just an input from a CD / MP3 player. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Cubase setup problem or if it’s a problem with the audio output of your keyboard / inputs of the Tascam. Can you hear a signal from the headphone output of the Korg? Can you plug the 1/4" outs of the keyboard into something else to see if they are operating properly?

Can you post screenshots of your VST Connections Inputs / Outputs and of the tracks’ inspector area?