Trouble with Cubase after WIN10 1709 update

Hello everyone, i have a problem regarding Cubase and I need help.
The configuration of my PC is this: sound card Steinberg UR28M- Notebook (2007) ASUS with i7 2630QM - 12Gb RAM - SSD Crucial 256Gb - HDD 512Gb - NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 2 Gb dedicated - WIN10 (unfortunately).
After the last update - version 1709 - as soon as I try to launch Cubase Artist 8.0.40 64bit the startup screen starts and as soon as the initialization begins when “Video file management” appears the window with the message “Please wait while windows configure” Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers "and Windows Installer appears and everything is frozen there and I have to use Task Manager to exit the installer.
I also installed the 32bit version of Cubase 8 and the result is the same.
Trying to reinstall the sound card drivers tells me that they are already up to date so I suppose that is not the problem. As if trying to reinstall Cubase 8, the video card drivers are updated to the latest available.
The sound card is recognized by the system.
What do you think depends on you?
Thanks so much.

Hi and welcome,

Video engine of Cubase 8 was based on Quick Time. Make sure, you have the latest Quick Time Player installed, please.