Trouble with DearVR

Hi, I hope you are well
I have a question about the integration of NUENDO 10 with DearVR SPATIAL CONNECTION

My problem is that in Nuendo the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT tab does not appear
From the Menu, select Studio -> dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT
I am using NUENDO 10.1.0
I update Nuendo, perform the maintenance task, DearVR PRO and Spatial Connect are installed, steamVR works fine, I have followed the instructions meticulously and cannot find my mistake
As you can see in the screenshots everything works perfectly, but in the Nuendo’s studio panel does not appear dear vr Spatial connect


Does anyone have any ideas or advice?
Thanks in advance!

Hi QuetzacoatlGut,

I’m afraid that I can’t answer to your question, but I’d like to know what computer configuration are you using. I’m planning to update my whole system, in part to use DearVR spatial Connect, but it only work with Windows computers (I’m currently a Mac user). What is your PC configuration?