trouble with definition tab

i’ve got some trouble with definition tab, i understand one can select a range and the bars and beats positions are marked with vertical lines and i can align them accordingly on the transients.

but i do see bars, beats, tempo, signature toolbar above the info line in the sample editor
so how do i utilise that to help me in the definations tab. i’m not gettin this part.

second question under audio menu- hitpoints - calcuate hitpoints. what does calcuate hitpoints do, its greyed out on doing which action does it get active.

hope some can guide me

need more tech detail as in which version cubase -elements,artist or full?

I’m a newbie too just sharing my thoughts of what I understood messing with it.
calcuate hitpoints will get activated when there are no hit points on your clip- let me explain
cubase detects hit points on its own so just click on remove all from hit points tab
now click audio - hitpoints - calculate hit points option is active now
hit points just act like markers so xpand, compress, slice,quantise, goove preset.

defination tab help sets bars and beats positions in auto adjus/ manually like you said , at times you need to give some input where xpanding/compress takes place to set the transients to define bars and beats.
it did confuse me to so i had a word with one of one of the most expereienced forum members and this is his reply. it helped me to approach it in the right way. so check his reply.
Think of the data above the Info line as your “starting point”. If you know how many bars (and, if necessary, any extra beats) the music is, then enter it in those fields, and then the Tempo field will show an average tempo that fits those requirements (i.e. it considers this tempo to be constant).
From there, I would then use Definition>Manual Adjust to move the barlines to fit the music, and then, if appropriate, the individual beat lines. (notice that the tempo in that tempo field doesn’t change… not a problem )

Hi Rita,

the definition tab is there for defining your audio.
It helps you to find out the bpm of a sample for example.
Try that: Pick a drumloop that has 4 bars. Now go to the definition
tab and type in there that is has 4 bars (underneath the info line). Now it’s tempo is automatically
detected and the sample is automatically stretched correctly when music mode is activated
for that sample. The bar on the left side and the vertical lines also helps you to make
it fit to your stuff. When you have a “tipsy” drumloop, you can define where exactly the 2 and the 4
or the 16th (and so on) are.

There’s a button next to the “edit / calculate hitpoints”. Looks like a white box with a black cursor in it.
Press it to activate it. Then move the slider above to set up the sensitivity.