Trouble with display of chord symbols

Hi, I’m a somewhat experienced but intermittent Dorico 3.5 elements user, just upgraded to elements 4.1.10 and I’m having trouble with chord symbols - I’m entering Gm7 but it’s appearing as Gm, and D7b9 appears as D7( 9). When selected, the chord symbols are displayed correctly on the bottom left bar, so it seems to be just a display problem? It’s happening for both full score and player scores, and in both write and print views. Any ideas?

What preferences have you set for how different parts of chord symbols should appear in the Chord Symbols Options dialog? Dorico follows these settings for what gets displayed for each chord symbol, rather than what you enter directly into the popover - that gets used to determine what the chord symbol is, rather than what’s displayed.

Just to rule out the most obvious explanation: have you restarted your computer since updating Dorico? If not, try that first.

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I’m embarrassed to say that this resolved it! Thanks.
I’m hearing Roy from the IT Crowd saying ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’

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