Trouble with Download Assistant, website and Cubase 11


The Download Assistant asks me to sign-in, however all it does is open a web page saying that I need to “open the Download Assistant from a webpage” so how do I do this?

Also, I did not receive an activation code for Cubase 11 to my registered email, so is there a way to obtain the installation files in another way?

P.S. There is no category for the Download Assistant, so I posted in the Cubase forum instead

No login is necessary for the Download Assistant, or for downloading anything at all from Steinberg, You can simply download whatever you see in the list.

Hi Steve,

I have uploaded a picture of the login screen for the Steinberg Download Assistant.

When I click Sign in, it opens the browser, where I need to log into the website but it is unclear whether I am authorized to download any files.


Sorry, I totally forgot about that login, I guess I was logged in for months!

Anyway, I think what you’re speaking of isn’t a web page, but a dialog box asking permission to launch the Download Assistant.

I am using Microsoft Edge and I do not see that dialog box.

I changed my browser to FireFox, but I still do not see that dialog.

Is there a way to download the files manually?


Thanks Steve, for the link.

That’s great that I can choose components I wish to install, which is new for SB; great!

One more thing though, I was unable to obtain an activation code via email, or the website so how might it be possible that I can try out Cubase 11?


How did you try to get the trial activation?

Via the website. If there is a way via the Download Assistant, that would be helpful but that isn’t working for me unfortunately.

I know from past posts that I can ask for a code, and I will likely purchase the software at some point since there are some features I am interested in but I wanted to test stability etc., and this is the first update.

Cubase 10.5 is working well on Windows 10 Preview but I am keen to try out Cubase 11 if possible.

Thanks again

The only way is by clicking to get the trial, and you’re supposed receive an email with a code.

I checked spam, and am used the same email as per my steinberg loging, where my eLicenser information is stored.

I received a code for another product from someone working at Steinberg some time ago, is this still possible?

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I imagine it is – also you could try a different email – the trial doesn’t have to be associated with your account.

Hi Steve,

I checked again but your suggestion would now mean that I need to create another account.

My thought is, I should get an activation code in my account, if the account is to be involved in receiving an activation code.

Is it possible to escalate this thread, since I wrote to an employee and have heard nothing back.