Trouble With Exporting Project.

Hi Guys
My music partner has just purchased a new PC and is running Cubase 6.5 in Windows 7 Pro, 64bit at 48 Khz, where as I have Cubase 6.5 in Windows XP, 32bit at 44.1 Khz.

We use to work from my studio, but now we use his and mine, but when we produce a new project consisting of Midi and Audio Tracks and export it from his system, and then Import it in to my system, the tempo of the project changes despite still reading the same tempo it is slower as are all the Audio Tracks we have recorded at his studio.

Please can someone send me a solution to this so we can go back to what we do best.

Than you

Obviously your project’ s samplerates needs to match the audio’ s samplerate…

Set the same sample rate on both machines, or resample all audio files.

Why don’t you just use the same sample rate as the incoming project :laughing:

Thanks for your relies guys.

I don’t really understand sample rates and how they work but I do know my way around Cubase.

Just to clarify, is the advise given that I have to change my friends sample rate to match mine BEFORE we start a new project?

Also how does the Sample Rate effect the Tempo in Midi when imported to my system?

Thanks again to all of you

Or maybe you should match the samplerates…

Is there an echo in here…?

You certainly should…

No, the advise given is to match the samplerates of the audio and your project / soundcard, whenever you want to hear the files as they are. This should be done without converting the audio too often (best not at all)

Usually not at all

Tell your music partner to set his audio card and project sample rate to 44.1 kHz to match yours (unless you guys work for film/video). Convert all audio to 44.1 once, and happy exchanging!

BTW, it’s best to set your recording format (wav) not only to 44.1 kHz, but also to 24 bits. (This has nothing to do with OS or Cubase being 32 or 64 bits!)