trouble with exporting

I’m still learning the ins and outs of cubase le5. I need some help when it comes to exporting. I figured out how to get by the insufficient disk space message, however now i have no playback volume on the exported audio. I have tried every file listed, different sample and bit rates but no dice. I have tried expoting to different places on the computer, even a cd, tried playing through windows media and i tunes. I have even downloaded three different audio file converters, none of which helped. On the file discription on the computer it shows the appropriate amout of bytes and that. Please help, I cant think of anything else to try and the manual does not seem to be loaded on the computer through the program.

Make sure, no input monitoring is enabled. De- select all tracks, disabled all record ready buttons, disable all input monitors.

i have tried all you suggestions, and still no dice. what could i be doing wrong?

Hate to state the obvious, but how about the locators?

I think I figured this one out. had to with how i was recording everything when i first started, no problems now. but yeah a few were locator issues lol. now however i cant seem to burn a cd that will play in a car, works on the computer. any suggestions?

Burn an audio CD

First Question: What CD burning software are you using?

Second Question: What brand of CD are you using. It has been my experience that some car stereos are very picky on the brand. For example, I can’t get my car stereo to play a Memorex brand CD but I can throw TDK at it all day long.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’ve heard burn speed could also make a difference. Just something else worth checking out.