Trouble with Flows

I’ve got a piece which I’ve entered all in one Flow (OK, I imported it via XML). It has three sections, with different scorings.
I’ve managed to work out that I select the Flow and then deselect the Players that I don’t need. But how would I merge two players who play different lines in the first part but the same part in another Flow?

E.g. 2 violins who are 1 & 2 for Flow 1, but Unison for Flow 2? (Obvs, I want the score to have a shared line, but the parts each need the same line.)


Check this post:

Is that the same thing?

the paradigm of Players, rather than “Instruments” suggests “people who may play different staves at different times”.

A Flautist might switch to Piccolo.

A 2nd violin might double with the 1sts, and the conductor’s score doesn’t need to show both staves.

A continuo part might show a right-hand realisation for the keyboard, but the left-hand still needs to be a separate instrumental part for the cello.

Dorico defines a Solo Player as “an individual who plays one or more instruments”. So how does this work?

It seems like the same thing to me?

That’s right. Like when the flute player switches to piccolo. For this, you add several instruments to the same player. I think this should work fully already.

But in the violin example, you’re talking about multiple players playing the same part, and displaying them in one stave in the score. This isn’t implemented yet, but it will be, and it will be amazing! :smiley:

How do you indicate on the score when a player switches to another instrument? E.g., when the flute changes to piccolo?

Dorico does this automatically.

There are some options - goto Setup mode, then Setup menu > Layout options > Players category. Some more detailed formatting options are in Engrave mode, Engrave menu > Engraving options > Instrument changes.

Switch into galley view, then enter the music into each instrument accordingly. Back to page mode, the instrument change will be indicated at the right position.

Thank you!