Trouble (?) with Group Editing

Maybe I’m missing something, but group editing doesn’t seem to be working for me. Would someone please try to clarify the process?

I have a stereo audio file, which I imported to split on separate tracks. I then created a group folder for them. I activated the Group Edit button.

I opened one of the tracks in the sample editor and deleted a section. When I returned to the project page, one track was missing the section I deleted, the other was not.

Anyone know what I’m not doing right?


You used the Sample Editor. Group editing doesn’t take into account edits done here. You have to do all your work in the Project window. It’s a pity but it’s always been like that…

Thanks for the info. There’s no mention of that fact in the manual that I could see. That’s going to make single-channel editing a pain.

Yep, it is. It takes v v little to mess up the sync. In fact, I would recommend you turn off snap-to-zero-crossing when you work this way. On the bright side, I’ve found that you can zoom in far enough to not miss out on having the Sample Editor available.